Saturday, May 10, 2014

Menu May 10, 2014

IT'S BEACH DAY!!!!! I've landed in Hatteras Island for a glorious week of the beach. I'm hopeful for sunny days, lots of kayaking, reading, walks with the dogs and plenty of good (and healthy!) food and (not so healthy!) adult beverages.

Getting down here and trying to get settled in with two dogs has been exhausting. The drive is always long but throw in two whiny dogs, getting them settled into a new environment, carrying stuff up so many stairs. Whine whine vacation is hard.

After a quick morning run to get as much crazy out as possible for the dogs I had the last of the damn lemony lentils with radish and a raspberry, mango, banana, chia seed and soymilk smoothie.

In the car I snacked on black bean hummus and baby carrots and an apple. During a gas stop the urge to buy some salty nuts or chips and a soda was strong. I've always "rewarded" myself on long trips with a soda and either chips or roasted salty as hell nuts. It felt more like habit than anything else but I resisted and was feeling quite smug about 10 minutes later gnawing on my apple.

Lunch/Dinner 1
I was STARVING when we got to the rental house and I carried in about half of my crap. I was SO glad I had made some pasta, lentil marinara and kale that just has to be popped in the microwave.

Cocktail Hour
(Dog) Mama needed this after all day in the car. So, the one "treat" I decided on days ago that would be fine to have since it's vacay is coke with my bourbon. I was actually ridiculously excited for the Coke (SUGAR) but.... have I killed my taste buds these past weeks? It tasted not right and made my mouth stick together. I may have to switch to vodka tonic instead? This is just bizarre. Anyway, Knob Creek never fails.

In my head I was going to be making peanut sauce to have over veggies. It's so cute I thought I would feel like cooking tonight. I picked up a 4 pack of Tofurky Kielbsas  when I ran to the store to get toilet paper, soap, and frozen fruit (I FORGOT THE COFFEE FILTERS, OMG). While at the grocery store my brain was so trying to kick it into vacation mode. Vacation mode means chips, pastas, bread and butter, nuts, french fries, sodas, crackers and anything else carby or nutritionally void. So, settling on something like the kielbasas feels like a win. Not the best choice but I was once again starving and too impatient to wait for tofu to press and didn't feel like beans.

Sauteed kielbasa, onions, kale and grape tomatoes.

Overall not bad for a vacation and driving day but I feel like it's definitely going to be a struggle, especially once the manperson and my mom arrive and have tempting food in the house.

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  1. Good job taming the driving snack monster! Whoo hoo!