Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Menu May 6, 2014

Leftover bell pepper nachos, of course.

Strawberry, mango and banana smoothie with chia seeds and soy milk.

Due to work and and personal obligations both lunch and dinner are at restaurants today. First up is Luna's Living Kitchen Luna's has been able to cross over the vegan/raw lines and appeal to omnivores, foodies and even your grandma. Their food is consistently delicious and it's gorgeous to boot. My favorite is their Classic Veggie Burger but everything is wonderful. I knew I'd have bread for dinner so I opted for the Pad Thai. I didn't take a photo because I didn't want my coworker to think I was completley nuts but it looks mostly like this:

Photo Snagged from Luna's Facebook Page
Spiraled zucchini and carrots, raw almond butter sauce, purple cabbage, microgreens, house-made hot sauce, some other stuff I'm probably forgetting and basically just a big plate of yum.

Kale, pinto beans and onion in tomato sauce.

Dinner was at a much less vegan friendly place than than lunch. Greek Isles is a popular restaurant and I see tons of opportunity for more veg friendly fare but alas, we're not there yet. I opted for the Hummus with Pita and the Greek Salad no cheese. Hummus was ok. Salad was blah and I ended up having too many pieces of white bread because I was starving. 

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