Friday, May 9, 2014

Menu May 8, 2014

Otherwise known as thank dog I took photos because I couldn't remember what I ate just 24 hours ago....

In keeping with the 'normal people eat salads for breakfast' ruse, kale salad with red onions, garbanzo beans and lemon-tahini dressing. Basically, I like to start the day out with stank breath.

Also had a pineapple, banana and raspberry smoothie with chia seeds and soy milk.

Buffalo cauliflower salad take two. I'm trying to find a good vegan ranch that's not full of processed ingredients and thus far good isn't really happening. THIS is the BEST ever vegan ranch and fools die-hard omnivore ranch fans but alas, full of ingredients I'm currently avoiding.  So anyway, the search continues. At least this one looks prettier?

More lemony lentil salad. Note to self - next time make half a recipe.

Also had a bite of an Apricot-Chocolate Br├╝ks Bar that a coworker shared. (note, label on the one she had didn't list honey). OMG delicious. OMG so not something I can buy because I could tell I would have NO self control over it. It was like a groumet clif bar.

The man person makes the best stir-frys. I'm pretty sure he has rainbow dust on hand as his secret ingredient. I'm not exactly sure what all he used but at least the following: coconut oil, broccoli, orange pepper, garlic, ginger, corn, soy sauce, hoison sauce and siracha. I had a bit of white rice under it and a few Corona Lights. Excuse the worse than normal picture quality. I was HUNGRY. And yes, that's a chip in my plate.

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  1. I *neeeeeeeed* that lemony tahini dressing. It looks so good on everything! Om nom nom nom nom!